New1.2.0 Update!

With the new Peace-Keeper update 1.2.0 I focused on making the game feel more intuitive and accesible. The new update makes some changes to the core gameplay and to the wave system, as well as some bug fixes.


  1. The health & shields will recover as soon as the last enemy of the wave is killed, this happened just before a new wave started and meant the player could not be able to use his weapons at the start of the round.
  2. A sound cue was added to signal the beginning of a wave. This sound previously signaled a new area unlocked.
  3. Increased the height of the player. I recieved many comments telling me that the player felt like he was a dwarf so I slightly increased his size of him.
  4. Decreased amount of redness of the borders of the screen when the player has low health. The red borders of the screen where distracting and obstructed visibility so they where toned down.
  5. Decreased the speed of the enemies on the first four rounds. Given that a great number of the people who palyed the game could not make it past the first area and gave up after trying again and again, I choose to do this change in the first rounds so the game could be more accesible to the players
  6. Added a way out of the bridge tower in case players did not lowered the bridge. Some player felt that the game bugged when they where trying to cross the bridge without realizing that they had not pulled the switch, so I added an easy way out at the top for players to be able to escape.
  7. Decreased the Spectre proyectile damage (the green fireball that the flying enemy shoots). Many time the proyectile was able to compeltly destroy the player health in one shot, this felt kind of unfair so I changed the damage value to 1/3 of its previous damage.
  8. Increased the audio range of al the audio sources. This change was made to give more feedback to the player to understand its sorroundings.
  9. Added a slide to the instructions section that explained the gibbing and ammunition mechanics. Some players haf troubleunderstaning what the ammuniton on the ground was.
  10. Added the “R” to the controls image that alows the weapon to reaload. When making the instructions I forgot to add the image of the button used to reload.


  1. Fixed some enemies not being registered as enemies and thus not being counted as kills or as part of the wave.
  2. Fixed enemies going through a specific wall. I thought I had fixed it but turns out I did not, hope this time I get it right.
  3. Fixed speed values of some enemies. There where enemies that where supposed to be faster than others but their speed value was not constant.
  4. Fixed some lava particle effects that made the lava look weird.
  5. Disabled some audio sources that belonged of objects no longer active in the current build.
  6. Fixed a weird bug that made the player jump to extreme heights when standing on the lava rails.

I am aware that players do not like it when the helmet is removed and their wapon is changed to the default one. Given my limited coding skills and the research with no succes I currently have not figured a way to keep the weapon that the player had. Maybe in the future I will find the way.

I would like to add a global scoreboard to the game. I will research how to go about it and see if i am able to do it.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for playing the game :)


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Aug 03, 2018

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