Patch 1.2.1

I want to apologize for the bugs some of you may have encountered this last build. As I overlooked many issues with the game. Some of those issues have been fixed with the new patch.

Patch Notes

1. Fixed a problem with the enemies not going over the bridge.
2. Fixed flying enemy going outside the map.
3.Corected the game’s pacing by adjusting the spawn rate of the enmies.
3.Fixed navigation issue with the hatch from the third area.
4.Fixed player not being able to shoot after loading the game or after unpausing it.
5. Increased player’s height (last update I said I had done it but apparently the height reseted to the previous one).
6. Made some geometry changes in the third area.
7. Fixd an issue with the enemies sometimes getting stuck on top of roofs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is very important to me that you make me aware of any issues you find in the game so I can correct them as soon as posible. Since I am but one person it is very difficult for me to find all the possible bugs and glitches that may be in the game.

Feel free to send me a message to inform me of any issue with the game so I can fix it as soon as possible, as this will help improove other player’s experience with the game.

That is it for this patch. Thank you very much for your support :)


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Aug 20, 2018

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