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Creatures from outer space have arrived to earth via portals that connect to their world. You are the only one who is capable of stopping the invasion. Face off the enemies and survive for as long as you can.

This game was developed for the final assignment of my bachelor´s of game design at SAE Institute.

The game was developed in roughly 10 months.

Any feedback given to he game will be greatly apreciated.

Software Used: Unity, Maya, Zbrush, Substance Painter, Photoshop.

Note: Peace-Keeper is for PC only (at the moment).

Install instructions

1. Decompress the file.

2. Click on the executable.

3. Choose quality settings and enjoy.


Peace-Keeper.rar 858 MB

Development log


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Dear Gerardo, this game is actually really good. Its one of the better games on Itch I have ever played. I love the game, and most of the things about it.  There is one issue I hope you will fix soon. It doesn't look like you are still pursuing development in this game, which is a shame, but I am going to post this anyways, just in case you are. The bug I ran into is that the wasp enemy , (I think its a wasp anyway) always gets stuck on something in the game at the end of the round, and prevents progession. I would suggest adding a system where the last enemy, or last three enemys to be on the safe side, are highlighted through the walls. I assume AI pathfinding is difficult to program, so that would be a possibly quick way around that issue.


Gave it a go...

Loved the video, Thanks for trying the game


This was a slightly tough one to beat and took me a bit of time but I was able to do so, however I may have found a minor bug towards the end but either way well done for this game.  5/5.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

As one of the few  people who have actually managed to finish the game, I congratulate you, Thank you so much for playing the game and taking the time to make a video about it.


Felt like I was playing Killing Floor. Left a review about your game to tell our fans:


Thank you so much for your review, It means a lot when people play and review  my game! I will share your review with my friends.


Hello,  thank you for messaging me about the game.  It looks good so far from the screenshots (which is always a good selling point) so I will take a more detailed look now.  I was curious about the SAE Institute so I checked it out and I see someone named Poteas is in charge there of the course so I decided to apply as a lecturer.  Ha, looks like I owe you one :P  I will look at the game in more detail and give you my crushing opinion.  Also if the game is not on gamejolt.com I would recommend you add it there too.  I think it would do well there.

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Wow, thanks so much for your reply, I really appreciate that you took the time to check the game, it means a lot to me! I will take your advice and publish there, the more people play the game the merrier  :D.  Thanks again for cheking the game!